JASIŃSKI Law Firm supported VECTOR Capital Group in the establishment of a new company for the brand

The VECTOR Capital Group, meeting the market demand for electronic design and production services, launched the "VECTOR BLUE HUB" brand in 2018. Due to its dynamic development, a decision was made to spin it off and transfer it to a company dedicated to this activity - VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A., in the form of an in-kind contribution of an organised part of the company as a result of an increase in share capital and the purchase of assets necessary to conduct the activity. The project from the formal side ended on 31 March 2022 with the registration of the increase in the share capital of VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A. by the registry court.


JASIŃSKI Law Firm lawyers Katarzyna Bień and Marta Lipke, supported by Łukasz Winkowski and Aleksandra Wasik, provided comprehensive legal advice to VECTOR regarding the establishment of VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A., the separation of the organised part of the "VECTOR" sp. z o.o. enterprise connected with the "VECTOR BLUE HUB" brand and its in-kind contribution to VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A. The corporate team supported VECTOR Capital Group at every stage of the project, including: preparation of documentation related to the establishment of the company, separation of the organised part of the company and its in-kind contribution as a result of increasing the share capital of VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A, transfer of part of the company to the new employer, assignment of commercial contracts to VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A., and coordination of the transfer of operating activities connected with the "VECTOR BLUE HUB" brand from VECTOR sp. z o.o. to VECTOR BLUE HUB S.A. in the area of legal aspects.


Senior associate | attorney-at-law Katarzyna Bień together with the corporate team leads the practice area of the JASIŃSKI Law Firm providing legal support to companies.

The firm represents clients in transactions for the acquisition of shares or stocks in companies and performs due diligence of companies. We carry out processes of transformations, mergers and divisions of companies and advise our clients on corporate matters, including separation and transfer of organised parts of an enterprise as part of a sale transaction or contribution-in-kind as part of a share capital increase. We prepare corporate governance documentation and attend meetings of company bodies. We provide legal advice on the management of confidential information and the performance of disclosure obligations in public companies.

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