About us

The firm was founded in 2013 by attorney-at-law Mateusz Jasiński and focuses its activities on selected areas of law related to business transactions. We specialise in providing legal services for projects in the area of real estate and construction investments, including investments in the RES market, shipbuilding and offshore industry, company law, pharmaceutical law, as well as the financial sector and capital markets.


We have a team of more than 20 experienced attorneys-at-law, trainee and junior lawyers supported by administrative team. From the very beginning, when building the team, it was important for us to recruit and develop young, talented lawyers. This approach enabled us to build a consistent organisational culture and uniform working standards. This business model has stood the test of time and allowed us to develop many great specialists who today form the core of the Law Firm's Team.


We are building the Firm with a vision of a modern organisation drawing strength not only from the knowledge and potential of the lawyers employed in it, but also from innovative technical and technological solutions. We use absolutely state-of-the-art IT systems from the LegalTech area, including legal information systems, management of our clients' cases in LegalSense, comprehensive management of documentation, communication and cooperation thanks to iManage products, as well as data security at the highest level. The work of every lawyer in the firm is supported by tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


We are partners to our Clients’ managerial staff, having an understanding of the business aspects of their activity. We do not stop at answering the question of whether a certain option is legally sound and what its legal consequences are. Our objective is to offer optimal solutions which take into account both legal and business considerations.


In addition to legal advice and representation, we offer support in commercial negotiations, both with Polish and international counterparties.


We provide services in Polish and English.

Budynek C200 Office

ul. Marynarki Polskiej 163, 80-868 Gdańsk

tel. +48 798 280 844


NIP: 584 245 22 25

REGON: 220143700