Starting on Tuesday, 10 May, over the next 4 days, legal advisor exams will be held. During the examination, candidates will solve tasks concerning criminal, civil or family law, commercial and administrative law, as well as rules of professional conduct and ethics. Each day the exams begin simultaneously throughout the country at 10.00 a.m., the time for solving tasks in criminal law, civil law and commercial law is 6 hours, and in the case of tasks in administrative law and principles of professional conduct and ethics - a total of 8 hours. This year, 2164 persons applied for admission to the bar exam, including 1838 trainees and 326 persons entitled under other titles.


We are keeping our fingers crossed for our trainee attorney-at-law Aleksandra Wasik and Marta Lipke, who have completed their legal advisor training this year and are now taking their professional exams.



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