The JASIŃSKI Law Firm has implemented the iManage system

We are pleased to announce that the JASIŃSKI Law Firm has implemented iManage Work 10 technology - a comprehensive document, communication, and collaboration management system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. iManage Work, along with the OCR, iManage Share, iManage Drive, and iManage Threat Manager modules, form a team of interlocking tools that create connections between data, systems, and people, while leveraging the context of the organization's content to provide deep insight, informed business decisions, and collaboration.


The application is dedicated to the legal industry and has been designed based on feedback from hundreds of professional services users and enhanced with intelligent features based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve lawyer productivity. The applied technological innovations, functionalities and tools respond to the specific needs of law firms. They make it possible to increase productivity by automating the process associated with the execution of complex legal projects while maintaining a high standard of security when trading confidential information. The technology consists in implementation of a set of innovative and interconnected tools, compatible with the operating system as well as external software, thanks to which the work of lawyers takes place in one environment and allows for reduction of time needed to execute particular orders. JASIŃSKI Law Firm was the first entity with exclusively Polish capital to implement tools that are used by large foreign corporations. We are convinced that the next LegalTech solution implemented by us will improve the quality of rendered services and allow us to be among the most innovative law firms in Poland.

The JASIŃSKI Law Firm implement the project entitled: 'Implementation of innovation in the enterprise through purchase of iManage Work technology in order to increase its competitiveness on the legal services market', within the framework of the ARP S.A. Project. - Open Innovations Network, Measure 2.2. of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development: Open Innovations - supporting technology transfer, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 


More information on ARP S.A. Project website. - Open Innovations Network 


The project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Intelligent Development, Priority Axis II Support for the environment and business potential for R&D&I, Measure 2.2. Open Innovations - support for technology transfer.

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