Katarzy Bień has started a series of Legal MBA trainings organized by PwC Polska

We are pleased to inform you that in March 2020, attorney-at-law Katarzyna Bień, started the 4th edition of the Legal MBA educational program - an innovative training program that combines knowledge with practice, taking into account modern business and technology trends. A joint initiative of PwC Legal, Rzeczpospolita and the Polish Association of Business Lawyers aims to promote and conduct a certified educational cycle for lawyers. The scope of the program enables its participants to develop the skills necessary to adapt to the changing legal and business environment and to deepen knowledge in areas that are traditionally not associated with legal education, such as: financial reporting, new technologies, marketing, PR, cyber security. It is an innovative and comprehensive program with the participation of recognized experts, outstanding practitioners in the area of ​​law, finance, IT security and the world of new technologies, personal development, communication and project management.

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